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Board Members







Planning and Futures


This committee works on our long range goals and coordinates with Finance in establishing the correlation with our 30 year financial projections.



Buildings and Infrastructure


The Buildings/Utilities Committee is responsible for the infrastructure and physical plant aspects of the Association’s property. This includes all utility services (electric, water, sewer, gas, cable, phone), roadway maintenance, snowplowing and grounds maintenance. In addition, it is responsible for all structural issues concerning our buildings and pool. Working with the Finance Committee, it is responsible for determining the timing and magnitude of our needs for replacement and repair. The Chairperson of this committee serves as the main contact with the Board for our Caretaker.


  • Tim Ryan - Buildings and Infrastructure




The responsibilities of the Finance Commmittee are to collect accounts receivable, pay accounts due, invest Association funds, advise the Board on financial condition of the Association, advise potential buyers of the current financial condition of the Association, and set budgets for approval of the Board. In addition, it is to work closely with the Building/Utility Committee in establishing the necessary level of reserve funding.



Grounds and Security


The Grounds and Architectural Committtee is responsible for ensuring that all modifications and improvements to the limited common and common elements owned by the Association meet the aesthetic intent of our Declaration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. This responsibility includes: building exterior design, landscaping, lighting and signage.




The responsibility of the Insurance Committee is to insure that the Association is adequately protected against any liability, fire, theft, damage and replacement costs. Periodically this Committee will conduct the insurance evaluations necessary to keep current with inflationary and market factors.



Nominating and Annual Meeting